Hello, world! I'm Vivek Jain. Hacker. Nerd. Student. Entrepreneur.

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University of California, Berkeley 2015 - 2019
Computer Science & Cognitive Science, B.A. Berkeley, CA

Relevant Coursework:

  • The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (CS61A)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (CS61B)
  • Discrete mathematics and Probability (CS70)
  • Computer Architecture (CS61C)
  • Efficient Algorithms (CS170)
  • User Experience and Design (CS160)
  • Artifical Intelligence (CS188)
  • Computer Security (CS161)
  • Computer Graphics (CS184)
  • Applications of Data Science (IEOR 135)
  • Introduction to Cognitive Science (Cog Sci 1)
  • Intorduction to Neuroscience (MCB C61)

Middlesex County Academy September 2011 - June 2015
High School Edison, NJ

Spent 4 years learning Electrical and Computer Engineering and all other essential courses to graudate.

C++Digital CircuitsAnalog CircuitsMicrocontrollers

Intuitive Surgical Summer 2018
Software/Interaction Engineering Intern Sunnyvale, CA



NVIDIA Summer 2017
Deep Learning Engineering Intern Holdmel, NJ

Research on end to end deep learning for self-driving cars. Worked on various real world self driving car problems, mainly focusing on trajectory prediction. To do this, I trained several neural networks for autonomous driving and performed experiments for trajectory prediction for different self driving problems.

C++LuaMachine LearningDatabase Management

Cyrcle Summer 2016
Software Engineering Intern San Francisco, CA

Ecommerce company focusing on changing the buyer/seller market. Worked on a website using Algolia API and developed the frontend/backend of the website.


UCB Simultaneous Localization & Mapping Lab January 2016 - August 2016
Robotics Research Intern Berkeley, CA

Worked with a Ph. D student at Berkeley on a project called “Using Multi-Robot Enabled Dexterous Locomotion to Search for Victims in Disaster Areas”. Worked on specifically optimizing Computer Vision/SLAM Algorithms to identify robots in different areas.

ROSPythonComputer Vision

NASA - Goddard Insitute for Space Studies Summer 2014
Robotics Software Engineering Intern New York, NY

Developed an Urban Search and Rescue robot that was maneuvered by a joystick to detect the presence of humans in perilous situations via infrared and a variety of other sensors. Used the National Instruments LABView 2011 software to program the robot and determine its actions in certain conditions.

ArduinoLabVIEW SoftwareSensor MangementCAD

NASA - Goddard Institute of Space Studies Summer 2013
Robotics Software Engineering Intern New York, NY

Developed an autonomous two-wheeled robot that used light seeking techniques to navigate through obstacles. Used the C prog ramming language in the MPLAB IDE to accomplish task.

ArduinoCSensor MangementCAD

Work + Fun

Suface Simulation   Fluid simulation is one of the coolest applications of computer graphics. For this project, me and my friends rendered a realistic particle/surface simulations to create a realistic looking body of water. We were able to achieve a particle simulation with a bilateral filter and color added to the water particles.

Ray Tracing   Implemented the core routines of a physically-based renderer using a pathtracing algorithm. Uses many computer graphics topics, including ray-scene intersection, acceleration structures, and physically based lighting and materials. Rendered many different images, such as the one above.

PinLoco   An iOS app that allows a user to pin his or her pictures to certain locations and share that pin with others. Pin visibility on the map depends on the popularity of the pin based on users’ voting. This app allows pins to share people’s perspective of a landmark or an event that is worth sharing. Used the Parse API and Twitter API. Built using Swift 2.0.

CalGroupFinder   Web application for Berkeley students to discover and schedule group sessions with students who have the same studying preferences, classes, and group formation capabilities. Utilizes HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and a MySQL database.

MindWake   Wearable device that alerts a driver when he or she is losing attention or falling asleep. Utilizes brainwave and other sensor data along with an algorithm I developed to determine if the driver has lost attention or fallen asleep. Data is sent via Bluetooth and interpreted by an Arduino. Provisional Patent pending. Used C and Arduino.

Analyzing Music   Songs have many different attributes attached to them which makes it hard to classify what songs they may listen to based on the mood they are in. Although happy and sad emotions are the same for most people, the songs they listen to vary across the spectrum. In this project, we calssified songs as happy or sad through a variety of different measurements, including valence, energy, beats per minute, and the lyrics of the song itself. We wanted to determine what type of songs people listen to in different moods using this information.

SmartSight   SmartSight is an application designed to tell users real time stock data and other information using computer vision. By using the special camera in the app, and simply pointing your device at that soap, you get back information about the product's manufacturer and you also have a way to order that good straight from the device. In addition, for the stock traders out there, we display the stock price of company at that moment using the Bloomberg API. Then, for the stock traders who want even more info, we use the Edgar-online API to display more financial info such as debt, total assets, and more.